Woman: Dress well according to your morphology!

We all wish we could wear anything! But in real life, what goes for some people doesn't necessarily suit others, and vice versa. So take advantage of what Mother Nature has given you, and of your uniqueness, to make the most of yourself! Discover which type of woman's body shape you belong to - A, V, H, O, X or 8 - and follow our advice to sublimate your figure.

Morphology in A

You are A-shaped if your shoulders are narrower than your hips. This morphology is often characterised by a small chest, a marked waist, generous hips and rounded buttocks. The idea is therefore to focus on your bust rather than your hips to harmonise your silhouette.

Clothes that fit you well:

At the top, go for wide collars, boat, square or V-neck necklines. Fashion shirts with balloon sleeves, ruffles and frills will look great. Slim-fitted jackets and shoulder pads will structure your silhouette. If you like patterns and colours, treat yourself! Anything goes at the top. For the bottom, however, play it simple: opt for straight or flared trousers and skirts, empire or trapeze dresses, all in plain and darker colours than the top. Visit https://www.iroparis.com for more.

Morphology in H

You have an H-shaped morphology if your shoulders and pelvis are in line and your waist is not very pronounced. This type of silhouette is often slim and associated with a slender chest and slightly rounded buttocks. For you, there is no imbalance to hide, but a femininity to be highlighted by a few tricks.

Clothes that fit you well:

At the top, opt for blouses made of fluid and vaporous materials, V-shaped décolletés if you have enough bust, rounded necklines if not. For the bottom, you can afford almost anything: shorts, straight, wide or slim trousers (rather low waist and with back pockets to give volume to the buttocks), skirts and short or long dresses! Just avoid high waists, overly loose clothing and belts or pleats at the waist.

Morphology in O

You have an O-shaped morphology if you are rather round. You have a slightly marked waist and a generous chest and hips. The idea is for you to highlight your assets by redesigning certain areas. Avoid too tight, too wide, shiny or pleated fabrics.

Clothes that fit you well :

Long or three-quarter length sleeves, flowing and supple tops, pretty square necklines or even heart mufflers look good on you. At the bottom, go for high-waisted trousers - perfect if you have a bit of a tummy - straight and flowing or even bootcut or flare with high heels to lengthen the silhouette. Skirts or dresses should be worn at the knees or just above the knees. Prefer dark, slimming tones, monochrome outfits and boost the ensemble by playing with strong, colourful accessories.

Morphology in 8

You have a morphology in 8 if you have a slim waist, some curves, and a generous chest and hips. Your pulpy shapes, pin-up spirit, are an asset but as they are already present... no need to add more!

Clothes that fit you well:

At the top, fitted cuts will emphasise your slim waist, heart-shaped covers will highlight your bust as well as pretty décolletés (square, round, heart-shaped or V-shaped). At the bottom, you can opt for a high waist straight skirt, a skating dress, straight trousers, cigarette or even bootcut. However, avoid puffy tunics, pleated skirts and loose fitting clothes.

V-shaped morphology

You have a V-shaped morphology if your shoulders are wider than your pelvis. Your waist, hips and legs are thinner than your upper body, whether or not you have a generous chest. The aim here is to enhance your legs and even your chest by erasing the width of your shoulders.

Clothes that look good on you :

At the top, choose fluid and airy tops and tunics, V-necks or rounded necklines, slim-fitting jackets that emphasise your waist. Avoid bustiers, thin straps or boat necklines. At the bottom, it's up to you to choose short or long, flowing and flared skirts, jeans that are so chic with heels, shorts to show off your pretty gambettes and of course little trapeze dresses.

Morphology in X

You have an X-shaped morphology if you have shoulders and hips of the same width and a slim waist. You are lucky, you can afford all the fantasies! But some outfits will make you look particularly good.

Clothes that fit you well :

For your bust, choose small feminine, slim-fitting tops that reveal your wasp's shape and size: a wrap, a pretty V-neck, a flowing top or a bustier... everything suits you! At the bottom, same thing: you can give free rein to your desires! Fitted trousers or skirts, rather with a high waist, will be top to highlight your silhouette which has nothing to hide. Of course, all these tips are only a basis for orienting yourself. Perhaps they will encourage you to try on cuts you might not have thought of. They will sometimes guide you in your choices. But at the end of the day, we are all unique, all different sizes, and we don't fit 100% into one of these morphologies. So, trust yourself, an outfit that fits you well is first and foremost an outfit in which you feel beautiful and confident, and which expresses your personality!
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