Golden Goose: trendy and top-of-the-range clothing!

Appeared in Venice, the Golden Goose label is one of the most influential Italian clothing styles. A slight reflection of the retro style, the brand launched its products with premium sneakers. Today, it has a good reputation in clothing and devices, as well as in shoes. By aligning itself among the beautiful fashion brands, the creation of Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo takes a place in the big market.

A brand of trendy and top-of-the-range clothing!

GG Deluxe Brand's collection pieces are increasingly winning over the taste of your favourite stars. Notice in both men and women that the products can be worn to any kind of rhythm. The products are also suitable for all seasons, without you having to worry about wear and tear as they are made of real leather.

The brand's different garments

Starting with shoes from particular brands, Golden Goose designers use both flashy and neutral. See the contrasting laces and sparkling sequins to accentuate the rock style and vintage taste. Not only do they use trainers, but they also create very refined trainers and boots suitable for any occasion. For women, there are also handbags and clothing marked with gold insignia specifying the GGDB label. Men are also earning their place among the brand's privileged customers. Being the most accustomed to sneakers, the models are all standard. There are different types according to colour, style and size. These include flat shoes and ¾. Every customer will have a wide range of choices, also depending on the size and colour preferred.

What makes Golden Goose more qualitative than other brands?

The brand excels in the processing of leather. Having made several remarks about trainers that wear out easily, the designers took a new idea to improve the quality of the shoes. By developing towards bags and belts, the main material is selected particularly carefully. The inspirations for Golden Goose products are full of mystery. To differentiate themselves from other shoes on the market, people personally create their pair at Francesca and Alessandro. If you want to be one of the stylish people, choose GGDB's golden logo sneakers.
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