Should we believe in the return of the baggy trousers?

Baggy trousers were in fashion during the 90s. At a certain point, they were out of fashion. Everyone opted for a different style of trousers. Recently, people have been wearing baggy trousers. This may be due to the return of fashion. But you have to know how to wear them.

The trend of the 90s, baggy trousers

During the 90s, baggy trousers were in fashion. Many young people wore them. They are making a comeback. Collections of baggy trousers are now on sale. Major brands have opted for this style. In the 90s, baggy trousers have a wide and ultra-low waist. Their cut is mediocre. At that time, this cut was improved. They took on the look of cargo trousers. The baggy cut is renewed. They are much more stylish than the old model. The old models being low waist can be made in high waist.

Wearing baggy trousers

Baggy trousers are an oversize trend. They are wide and not very shapeless. To be able to wear them, you need an XXL belt. As they are wide, a belt can hold them in place. It is therefore possible to make them into a crop top. You should choose a gathered crop top. The crop goes with streetwear style. For an oversize look, the baggy trousers go with a blazer jacket. It is possible to wear devices with this style. A maxi earring and a mini bag can be enough. For shoes, heeled sandals or mules enhance the silhouette. A thin belt can be added at the waist.

Why are baggy trousers back?

Baggy trousers were worn during the 90s. For a while these trousers were out of fashion. The trousers are worn by teenagers. They are low-waisted. They are loose-fitting. The trend is changing as time goes by. Some people need to change their look. Slim trousers have been worn for decades. The desire to change can be overwhelming. There's nothing easier than reversing the style. Slim trousers are too tight. To invert it, you have to wear baggy trousers, which are baggy trousers. In the 90s, people who wear baggy trousers were considered a delinquent. Today, big brands sell them to young people to be stylish.
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