How do you choose trousers when you have a belly?

Many of us wonder how to choose trousers when we have a belly. Rest assured, there is no need to limit yourself to just one type of trousers. You can easily vary your wardrobe and indulge yourself. Don’t hesitate to try on different styles, especially those you think are not for you.

Trousers with elastic waistband

Don’t think that the choice of trousers with an elastic waistband is restricted or that you will only find them in styles that are not made for you. This may have been true in the past, but times have changed. A few years ago these trousers were reserved for the elderly. They were mostly made of unflattering materials. This is no longer the case.

There is now a huge choice when you are looking for trousers with an elastic waistband to comfortably conceal your belly. From trendy short jeans to wide white trousers, practically all types of trousers are available on for instance. And in addition to being comfortable, they help your tummy look flatter .

You will certainly find that elasticated trousers are comfortable and look good on you. But don’t forget to wear a top and shoes that go well with them.

Many elastic trousers look normal when viewed from the front. They can be fastened with a button at the waist, for example. The elastic part is on the back.

You can of course wear a belt with your elastic waistband trousers. However, make sure that the waistband does not draw too much attention to your belly. Too many embellishments or fantasies in this area will inevitably attract attention. So make sure that you don’t make eye contact around the navel.

Jeans with elasticated waist

Jeans are fantastic but the button and fly can sometimes make that tummy you’re trying to hide. Luckily it is possible to find all styles of jeans with elastic waistband. So don’t deprive yourself.

Try a pair of slim, elastic jeans and you’ll tell me all about it. Not only do they offer you great comfort, but by enhancing your legs and curves, they make you forget the roundness of your bidounet.

High waist trousers

High waist and straight cut trousers are to be preferred. The high waist delicately hugs your tummy while the straight cut refines your legs and softens the round shapes around the waist.

Above all, try to avoid pockets on the front of the trousers. Also avoid darts and pleats that give volume where you want to take them off. You should also avoid large buttons and belts with a buckle that is too conspicuous. In short, you should draw attention at least to the area of your belly.

To do this, choose trousers with small pockets and side closures.

Avoid low-waisted trousers like the plague. In addition to pouting, your tummy will tend to “overflow” over the waist. Of course the result is of the worst effect, and tends to be eye-catching. In short, they have exactly the opposite effect to what you expect. They bring out your belly, and it doesn’t need to.

Which colours for your trousers?

Black will be your best ally. But all other dark colours will also help to make your curves less conspicuous. A great idea is to emphasise your assets with touches of bright colours.

For example, don’t hesitate to highlight your cleavage by surrounding it with a bright colour. You can be sure that the attention of those around you will not be focused on your tummy. Earrings and make-up can also be used to make your pretty face look more attractive.

Even if you stay in the darker colours, a wide choice is available. Burgundy, dark brown, khaki, navy blue are available to give you a touch of class without making you look sad.

Trousers to avoid

Contrary to what one might think, it is preferable to avoid trousers that are too wide. Most plump women choose to wear jeans or wide trousers in the hope of hiding their shapes. The concern is that these trousers will tend to give you volume. Instead, you should choose trousers that sculpt your body.

Trousers in colours that are too bright, too shimmering are not recommended. The same goes for patterned trousers. You might think that patterns direct your gaze and keep it away from places you want to hide. On the contrary, they reinforce the impression of volume of the silhouette.

The only exception are trousers or jeans with vertical stripes. These lines lengthen your silhouette and soften the impression of width. Perfect in your case.

These trousers will help you hide your stomach.

The trousers or slim jeans

Don’t think that because you are round you can’t wear slim trousers. On the contrary, these trousers can do real wonders for your belly, which is a real time bother. They will actually enhance your curves without accentuating them and will divert the attention from the belly to the lower part of the body. These trousers are perfect, especially if you have rather thin legs. Don’t hesitate to wear them with heels.

High waist flare jeans

The flare cut, by harmonising the proportions of your silhouette, balances your waist at the same time. Worn with heels, these jeans will completely change your appearance and make that little canister that you so badly want to hide go unnoticed.


Of course we are all different and these few tips are not rules to be followed to the letter. We all assume our curves more or less well and the most important thing is to feel good in your head and in your trousers. Nothing prevents you from trying things out that are different from the usual advice that you can read on the net. If you like it and you feel good, don’t hesitate…

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