Fashion trends: what are the star colours for spring-summer 2020?

The return of fine weather often means a wardrobe renewal to go with the beautiful season. Whether it's by modernising your wardrobe, adding new pieces or changing your entire wardrobe style, the choice of colours is a parameter to take into account when it comes to wardrobe. So, with the return of the summer season, it would be wise to take a look at the flagship colours of this spring-summer 2020.

Bright colours symbolising good weather

Beautiful weather often means the blossoming of nature. Everything looks more beautiful and in bloom, which is why, to match this explosion of colour, bright tones such as red, yellow or orange are given pride of place in the spring-summer 2020 colour scheme. Indeed, these colours reflect the fine weather, the return of summer and bring a holiday atmosphere into the air. These colours are also a reminder of nature: yellow, for example, invites us to think of flowers such as sunflowers, while red brings back roses... a constant way to celebrate the return of warmth and sunny days.

Pastel tones, a must even in spring-summer.

While bright colours often dominate wardrobes during the spring and summer seasons, for this year 2020, the importance of pastel tones should not be overlooked. Indeed, in the case of the colours of spring-summer 2020, tones such as powder pink, pistachio green or lilac are colours that currently have their place in summer wardrobes. They bring a modern and classic touch to clothes while at the same time recalling the arrival of good weather. Indeed, they illuminate the outfit, while being discreet, making them ideal for more formal or classic outfits in the tailor's style.

Bold colours for a vitamin-packed spring-summer look

Apart from the bright colours and classic pastel colours, the colour trend for spring-summer 2020 also seems to have adopted more energetic tones reminiscent of the 1990s, in this case fluorescent colours. While a total fluo look would be a faux pas, combined with more sober colours such as white for example, fluo could give originality to the outfit. For example, a fluorescent pink T-shirt with jean shorts would be the ideal look for a relaxing outing with friends in the summer. So, as you can see, the star colours of this spring-summer 2020 look like a mix of bright, bold colours and more classic colours.
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