How to wear jeans with holes in them?

Everyone knows that men's jeans with holes are ultra trendy, so dare to wear them! Destroy denim trousers seduce at any age and are very coveted by men with a rock and rebel style. But how can you wear trousers with holes in them in an elegant and trendy way without making a mistake? We tell you everything!

Men's denim trousers with holes

With a pair of jeans with a hole in them, you're sure to stand out. And the good news is that there are lots of different models to choose from! It's up to you to choose the cut of your jeans with holes to highlight your body shape: slim jeans with holes, skinny jeans, regular jeans, tapered jeans... There are also a variety of colours to wear a pair of jeans with a hole in them in all originality: raw, grey, white, light blue, black, khaki... without forgetting the washes that add nuance, modernity and originality to your jeans with holes. Holes can also be repaired, i.e. lined, to be more discreet or gaping to display a more assertive and fashionable grunge and destroy look. For the more puritanical, not yet ready to take the plunge, worn-out jeans are a good alternative to holed-up jeans. Check out the entire collection of IRO PARIS men's jeans for example with holes to adopt an original and trendy style!

A few rules for wearing jeans with holes in them

There are a few rules to take into account to control your look with a pair of jeans with holes in them: Holey jeans are the highlight of your outfit. Combine them with more sober clothes to avoid the too much effect. Avoid holes that are too symmetrical and not connected at all and which go against the desired destroy and rebel effect. Complete your outfit with trendy pieces and accessories to stay chic and elegant. Choose your jeans with holes carefully: they should be made of high quality denim for a stylish outfit.

Choosing jeans with holes adapted to your body type

You are muscular

Straight jeans or straight jeans with holes are perfect for muscular bodies.

You are round

Avoid jeans with holes too close to the body like the skinny cut. We prefer regular or bootcut jeans with holes, neither too wide nor too tight.

You are slim

Slim jeans with holes are perfect for you. They accentuate your shape without being too tight. You can also try the skinny version for a second skin effect. Choose a fitted or straight cut top with your trousers for a well-balanced silhouette.

You are tall

You're lucky, you can afford all the cuts of jeans with holes in them that you like!

You are small

Avoid jeans with holes that are too wide and opt for example for bootcut, skinny or slim jeans to slim your figure.

Look ideas for men's jeans with holes in them

Here are a few ideas for outfits with holes in the jeans to wear during the day and in the evening. A trendy casual look with jeans with a hole in them We opt for skinny blue jeans with a slight hole in them with white leather trainers, a grey hoodie with an open hood over a trendy t-shirt.

Elegant jeans with holes

Don't be mistaken, it's possible to be elegant with jeans with holes in them! Choose a camel long pea jacket, a white T-shirt, beige boots and faded blue slim jeans with a hole in one knee. We finish the outfit with trendy sunglasses, and that's it!
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