Concept store, what is the concept?

Shops are changing their tone and organisation to address consumers in a more remarkable and interactive way than before. This is why they have created new concepts, including the concept store. Here's everything you need to know about this idea.

Concept store: what is it all about?

Jane de boy, the fashion concept store, is a marketing term for an atypical theme shop. To tell the truth, it's not easy to give a precise definition of this concept. You can imagine the Leclaireur boutique which made its first concept in 1980 or the Parisian Colette which opened in 1997 to better understand this name. Indeed, this concept is a shop which offers its customers different types of trendy products which are not coherent. For example, there is ready-to-wear, furniture, decoration, jewellery, books, perfumes... It also includes a friendly atmosphere. That is to say, there is a whole new service grafted into the fashion shops, which makes them unique.

The advantages of the concept store

The fashion store concept is a marketing strategy that offers many advantages. It is another way of building customer loyalty. This concept allows you to develop a new and attractive sales experience for consumers. It makes your shop look like a place of entertainment or a place to live. Obviously, this will attract visitors, customers and the curious. So the number of visitors to your shop will continue to grow. In addition, the history of online sales may currently be weakening in-store consumption. Hence the importance of creating a new concept for your commercial enterprise with the aim of attracting purchases.

How do you create a concept store?

In general, the creation of a fashion concept store requires management skills and creativity. Your concept should not look like any other shop and should be really surprising to customers. To achieve this, you should follow these tips:
  • The location of your shop should be as close as possible to the target residential areas.
  • Analyse the behaviour and habits of your target;
  • Organise a rich programme such as a concert, an intervention...
  • Think of the salesmen's outfits, the material of the bags, the music played...
  • Acquire a personalised customer contact ;
  • Surprise your customers in every corner of your shop.
Note, however, that launching this concept can be time consuming and costly, but think of the benefits.
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