Fashion trend: The return of the mania logo

It's time to turn to the XXL logo. Whether for fashionable pieces or trendy devices, the mania logo always works. This established trend from the 90s is making a comeback.

The mania logo: reminiscent of the fashion of the 90's

Around the 1990s, the XXL logo was considered a must have. Both Fila and Lacoste, which were both sportswear fashion brands, were making their success on sweatshirts, t-shirts and others. For a long time, the mania logo was set aside in the has-been. Now it is back. The proof is that she is succeeding in seducing luxury houses such as Gucci and Fendi. On the catwalks, the mania logo is proudly displayed by major brands on printed tights, trendy bags and oversized t-shirts. For their everyday style, fashion influencers are starting to pick up on the trend of the oversized logo. Via Instagram, the must-have pieces of this incredible revival of the 90s abound in Instagram fashion accounts. They include Fendi printed tights, the trendy Gucci barrette and Christan Dior bags. For sportswear, Levi's, Lacoste or Fila impose their imprint with their collections on t-shirts and joggins to be worn exclusively or in small touches.

Do you want to adopt the trend of the XXL logo?

If you're looking to adopt the mania logo without necessarily losing your sense of style, go for balanced looks. To display a logo with subtlety, mix it with devices such as tights, clip and belt. Even if you want to be more stylish and trendy, always follow the golden rule: one strong piece throughout your look. Be minimalist throughout your outfit, as clothes with logos on a shirt, trousers or dress are sufficient. The ideal is to mix and match an XXL logo instead of mixing and matching different logos, otherwise you'll get too much.

Modern versus retro style

A few years ago, the mania logo was seen as a style in bad taste. However, the retro logo has always kept a small place in fashion, some labels have now decided to present its vintage side for this summer. The mania logo marks the return of the logo within the haute-couture collections. A truly triumphant return
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