How to wear purple?

Purple is a colour that is not often worn. Yet it is a reassuring colour despite some negative meanings. Violet is a colour that is very rich in variation, as it has several shades. But what does this purple colour reflect? How can you be trendy with this beautiful colour and how can you choose the right colour for you?

The meaning of the colour violet

Like all other colours, the colour violet has meanings. It is the colour of dreamers and melancholic people. Originally, the colour violet was intended for royalty, as it became rare and precious. Therefore, wearing purple calls for a know-how on the marriage of colours in order to avoid false notes. This blend of blue and red is a feminine and energetic hue. The colour violet evokes the mystery of the mind, enigma and feelings. In religion, violet even symbolises spirituality. As a positive meaning, the colour violet is the embodied symbol of dreaming, meditation and delicacy. In another sense, it rather symbolises negative thinking, melancholy, loneliness and death.

Be trendy by wearing purple

Before wearing purple, it is strongly recommended that you identify the types of purple and know the colours that best match each variation. From indigo to lilac to lavender, this colour will bring out all skin colours. Purple brings a soothing and reassuring sensation to those who wear it. Wearing purple to please yourself, but also to bring serenity within. The combination of colours is important in a look. Purple combines well with all other colours. Wearing purple for a white jacket, shirt or T-shirt and jeans trousers are very trendy. A total purple look is also acceptable with fashionable and neutral coloured devices such as gold, silver, white or black.

How to choose your purple colour?

Wearing purple is beneficial for many people, although many are not used to wearing it and yet it is a very trendy colour. In order to choose the right purple, it is always best to take variations of a lighter shade such as purple for example or clothes printed with purple patterns combined with other colours. Choose the colour purple according to your skin tone. Favour pastel colours to start with and gradually increase the tone of the colour. The colour purple is back in fashion, be daring and wear purple. Treat yourself!
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