Which jewellery for which morphology?

Round or angular face, long or too short neck, generous or small breasts.... And what if a necklace or earrings could help us hide our (small) complexes? A few precepts to know in order to choose the right jewellery for our morphology. Don't rely on their name as simple accessories: jewellery alone can change the style of an outfit. In the same way, they have the power to create optical effects more or less favourable to your silhouette, we explain.

Earrings should not have the same shape as the face

The rule concerning earrings is simple: their shape must contrast with that of the face. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear creoles when you have a rounded face. On the other hand, they are ideal to soften a triangular or rectangular shape, because graphic or angular earrings would only accentuate features that are too linear. They are therefore best reserved for round faces. Need to lengthen your neck and refine your face? We don't hesitate to go for sleepers, especially when they're worn with a pretty bun. Finally, there's a model that suits all face shapes: discreet and elegant little pearls, which always make their little effect! The mistake not to make: Give up earrings simply because you are annoyed by ears that are too big or loose. On the contrary, one assumes the full responsibility and makes an asset of it with a pretty ear jewel, for example.

The necklace should be a mirror of the silhouette

As far as the necklace is concerned, the logic is reversed: if one is thin, one prefers thin models and vice versa. The reason? When you have a wasp waist, it's not very distinguished to wear imposing models with stones, which risk looking bigger than we do. But if you're rather round, you prefer bulky necklaces, perfect for drawing attention away from your shape. Many of us complain about their necks, which they consider too short. To fight against this complex, nothing is more effective than a necklace that falls just below the breasts. On the other hand, women with long necks can opt for a necklace that breaks the length a little. The mistake not to make: One might think that small breasts should prefer XL necklaces to add volume to the décolleté. However, by optical effect, if we wear a huge necklace, our breasts will look even smaller next to it.

Earrings and bracelets should not be tight

Those with long, thin fingers are lucky enough to be able to wear all types of rings, simply avoiding too strict shapes, such as square or rectangular ones. The short phalanges will bet on thin rings decorated with long oval stones, just to lengthen them a little. If you have chubby fingers, our best allies will be curved rings. As far as bracelets are concerned, we only wear them on our wrists and we don't hesitate to multiply them. The mistake not to make is to choose a ring that is too small and that will curl your fingers - and that will be very, very difficult to remove. Last but not least: say "no" to a slightly old-fashioned ornament and match your jewellery, for a more modern and daring result.
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