What jewel to offer to declare your love to a woman?

How can you choose a piece of jewellery for someone when you know nothing about jewellery and you don't know their tastes? There are a lot of things to know such as allergies, pierced ears etc... Declaring your love to a woman, what an easy thing to do when you think about it and so difficult to do in reality. So what can you do when your heart is burning, your breath is short, the words don't come out and you keep coming back to talking about something else indefinitely? Offering a piece of jewellery as a gift may be a good solution, but not just any jewellery, it has to be discreet enough not to shock but also not completely innocent.

A piece of jewellery should be neither too expensive nor too little!

If it is a declaration of love, it must be of good quality, it must be wearable for a long time and hopefully for you. Our advice: start with solid silver jewellery at the very least, because it may be affordable, but it will never trigger allergies and will wear slowly without losing its shine, whereas the "silver metal" will wear out very quickly. For example, a pendant like this one made of amber and solid silver costs only about ten euros...

Choose between necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings?

No miracle, observe her habits: if the woman of your dreams wears more bracelets than earrings or rather necklaces, you know what you have to do... Advantage of the bracelet: a girl will have it in front of her eyes and will think of you when she sees it.

Beware of allergies

Silver, gold and vermeil do not trigger allergies, but common steel does. For the earrings, make sure she regularly wears pierced earrings, otherwise forget it. And here too, give preference to precious metals: ears are certainly the part of the body that is least tolerated by low-grade metals. Beware of gold or silver plating, plating is a very thin layer and allergy can come. The safe values are therefore gold, silver, vermeil, silver-rhodium... (To our knowledge rhodium is a precious metal which does not trigger allergies either).

Choosing GOLD or SILVER?

In theory, gold and silver are not mixed in an outfit. Some girls wear only gold and others only silver. Again, look at what she is wearing and think of Vermeil (gold-plated silver) with a very good value for money.

What size for the rings?

The ring is also complicated, how do you know which finger she wants to wear it on and the size she needs, so choose adjustable rings, but finding an adjustable silver ring is not so easy.

Not too big, don't intimidate her!

Both in terms of size and price, avoid jewellery that is too big or too expensive. Unless you are known to her for your large fortune, avoid diamonds and other stones that are too precious to be reserved for engagement rings and wedding rings. The same goes for jewellery that is too big, and even for a girl who wears very flashy jewellery, wait until you are intimate before taking more risks with your gifts. Example of a piece of jewellery to avoid for a first gift, even if it is superb!

With jewellery on the theme of the heart or love: at least the message is clear.

No need to talk about love when you offer a heart shaped jewel to a woman the message is more than obvious and often better said than you could. No ambiguity, whether she accepts the jewel or not, the beautiful one will often tend to make you understand quickly whether hope is allowed or not.
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