How to choose a piece of jewellery to give as a gift?

Before offering jewellery to someone, observe what they are used to wearing. Try to find out if they have a favourite brand. Also look to see if the person wears gold-coloured metals (gold, gold-plated or simply gold metal) or silver, steel, etc. Gold and silver can be combined, but this is not very common. Unless you know the person very well, it is best not to stray too far from his or her habits. Beware also of allergies and more generally some people do not wear certain types of jewellery because they cannot stand it, this is often the case for earrings but it also happens that some people cannot stand necklaces. As far as allergies are concerned, metals containing highly allergenic nickel have been banned in France for a long time. However, to avoid allergies, favour quality jewellery, here are some metals that do not cause allergies: - gold - money - rhodium silver - gold-plated silver - High quality steel - all metal covered with a thick layer of silver Finally, an extra coat of varnish can't hurt. If possible, opt for lighter jewellery, the lighter the piece of jewellery, the easier it will be to wear. For example, mother-of-pearl is a material that makes exceptionally light jewellery. Be careful not to make mistakes on sizes (bracelets, rings). For necklaces, check whether the person likes medium short necklaces or necklaces. Some necklaces are adjustable in length but this is rare.

If possible, finalise the order with the person receiving the jewellery.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to finalise the order with the person, you will indeed lose the surprise but you will be sure not to disappoint. If you are planning to buy the jewellery on a jewellery webshop and you do not want to show the prices, print the product sheets or photos. If it's in a city jewellery shop, try to bring the person with you.

Giving a man a piece of jewellery

Men don't wear much jewellery, current fashion encourages men to wear more jewellery than before. Initially, men wore valuable gold or silver jewellery, be it a necklace, a bracelet, a signet ring or a signet ring. In this case, it was rather jewellery that the person would wear all his life. Fashion launched ephemeral fashions that allowed men to wear more basic jewellery and to change more often. Visit our page how to choose a piece of jewellery for a man to find out more.

Giving jewellery to a woman

For women, the choice is wider and more interesting, with an almost infinite variety of styles and jewellery you will be spoilt for choice to find the jewellery that you like on her and that will please her and make her happy. If you wish to offer a piece of jewellery to declare your love to a woman, check out our dedicated page.

Jewellery and feminine psychology :

In this feature article, we take a look at the relationships between women and their jewellery. Of course there is a question of appearance and the enhancement of a woman's body, but not only that, several elements of psychology can be associated with jewellery. Wearing a piece of jewellery can also result from a desire for identity, to show one's belonging to or difference from a group, it can also be linked to a traditional value. In any case, wearing and choosing a piece of jewellery is always linked to what we have acquired and our experience.

To offer jewellery for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday etc...

You want to offer jewellery for a special occasion such as a person's birthday, the anniversary of your meeting or a particular event, Valentine's Day, etc. follow our guide and examples.
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