Fashion: chain link jewellery has been in the limelight for some time now

First opinions can be misleading. Warp-knit necklaces are a focal point at first glance, but a chic knitted jumper or a thick blazer completes the picture. The look of chain links is really chic, bold and trendy. Chain link jewellery developed late, and with good reason. The statement pattern is classic and extremely flexible.

How do you style chain link jewellery?

Never be intimidated by the idea of combining a structured bracelet with a flowing chain link bracelet. Both types of bracelets are important, and when combined, they have their place. Chain link jewellery is becoming increasingly popular because of its ability to add style to otherwise simple basic elements. Mount your chain link bracelet with a chain link necklace (or overlapping chain link necklaces) until you are ready to wear it. When trying to channel extreme glamour, stack gold on your wrists. Start with a declaration watch, then add layers of bracelets of the same colour and different types.

Different ways to wear chain link jewellery

You can use a chain link necklace to add a little character to your everyday outfit if the weather doesn't get warmer. To take advantage of the spotlight, simply attach the chain link bracelet to a thin arm. Large cocktail rings seem to overshadow all other chain link jewellery, so many people stick to wearing them alone, but the weight of a chain link bracelet really works well with larger rings. Start with a meaningful style, and add more if you feel like it.

Express yourself with your chain link jewellery

Link chain collars look cool and effortless. Experiment with a leather skirt - faux leather if you like - and put on the party look. Whether you're smart, laid-back or super-casual, chain link jewellery is something to look forward to. Chain link bracelets are ideal for personalisation. It all depends on how you feel at the end of the day. Who says you can't stack a baggy jumper on the chains for a party at home? And you can always roll up your sleeves during the summer months to stay cool. The jewellery chain ties are made for fun. Think big, be imaginative and share your true nature.
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