How to choose the right sunglasses?

The market for sunglasses continues to grow. It is an instrument that you do not select in a hurry and that cannot be obtained without a large number of fittings. Here are some useful tips for choosing sunglasses.

Choosing sunglasses that match your haircut

In order to choose his sunglasses, he is first of all obliged to choose the frame shapes that suit his morphology. All that matters is finding the right balance. If you have, among other things, a small face, it's best not to choose glasses that are prominent or with models that are too large. It is now possible to find sunglasses with a round face. With round glasses, you are free to accentuate the roundness of the face. You may want to break it, in which case you will choose geometrically shaped parts. If you prefer thin glasses, your face will be long.

Choosing sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun

Sometimes you may think that your hair doesn't matter when selecting dark glasses. Your hairstyle is likely to be a determining factor in the choice of your sunglasses model. If your hair is short, these fashionable devices take on a prominent role. In this case, it's best to go for the thin model with beautiful temples. If you're one of those women with a crazy mane, oversized sunglasses are good for you! In this case, you can play with the volumes to form a pleasant whole. Finally, if your cut is half-long, you are free to wear the same for the oval face. To choose the glasses that suit you best, you'll want to focus on the shape of your face. It is therefore essential to choose your sunglasses carefully.

Choosing sunglasses as a means of protection against the sun

In the end, sunglasses are not only a fashion device, but also a means of protection against the sun. Your glasses are primarily supposed to protect the cornea from UV rays and the retina. The lenses of sunglasses are classified according to the categories of filtration of the sun's rays. Category 2 is for use during city walks, category 3 is for use by the sea and category 4 is for use on walks in the open sea or high mountains. If you are behind the wheel, you are obliged to avoid category 4 sunglasses as they impair colour perception and vision.
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